Strategic Counsel

An effective government relations program prioritizes and focuses resources on critical issues where need is certain or success is a real possibility. KJL’s razor-sharp understanding of Michigan government will help our client correctly align the pieces so that success is a certainty.

Timing is everything, so look to KJL when you’re in need of help when deciding when and how best to launch advocacy strategy and tactics. By assessing the political climate in Lansing and seeking the necessary guidance from supporters in the Legislature and Executive Branch, we’ll assist in making certain that your actions are right on time.

It’s worth noting the importance of KJL’s partnership approach to client advocacy and consulting services. With multiple decades of government experience under our belt, we’ve come to realize that the potential for victory increases significantly when your lobbying firm can help shape the client’s policy positions. By forming a true client-consultants team, better decisions are being made because all factors can be considered; including the current political realities and environment in the Capitol. Despite the issues at hand, the position of our clients becomes the position of KJL. We’re here to succeed with you.

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